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History and Preservation in American Southwestern Architecture
By Jerome Iowa

“…highly recommended for architectural studies collections and supplemental reading lists.” --Reviewers Bookwatch

“Ageless Adobe is one of those few manuals that actually succeeds in eliminating the mystery and guesswork for the do-it-yourselfer.” --Albuquerque Journal Magazine

“This book is great for getting a sense of where adobes came from and how they’re being preserved and updated now.” --Farmington Daily Times

“Carefully and clearly written, without the clutter of jargon, this is a book anyone interested in Southwestern houses should include in a personal library.” --The Santa Fe Reporter


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The American Southwest possesses an extraordinary depth of cultural heritage and much of its history is preserved in its architecture. Particularly prominent in the region’s man-made landscape are the historic structures made from the earth itself--adobe. Attention has turned to ways of preserving and maintaining the old buildings of the Southwest partly because of the growing national interest in historic preservation. However, in the Southwest there has also been an increased awareness of the inherent viability of native architecture. Adobe structures present unique challenges and require special treatment and until now, much of that information has been unpublished.

AGELESS ADOBE provides practical details on methods of preservation and maintenance for old adobe buildings. The over 200 illustrations in the book along with directions on “how-to” will enable the do-it-yourself home owner as well as the professional architect or contractor to plan and carry out renovation. The author presents solutions to the problems of keeping an historic structure intact while repairing it and making it 20th century livable. The issue of energy conservation is discussed at length and the premise of the book is that historic integrity does not have to be sacrificed for energy efficiency. Rehabilitation is always preferable, usually possible and often more profitable than demolition.

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