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Brief Sketches of a Short Life
By Marc Simmons

“Thanks to the discerning Simmons, this careful collection offers rare glimpses of chance encounters with the young outlaw in Territorial New Mexico’s vast expanses, as recalled by folks who had little to gain from the recollections. Young Billy on the lam comes across as engaging, polite, well-mannered and brandishing a six-shooter with chivalry. Simmons’ last chapter, his longest, is a bravura piece that alone is worth the price of the book.” NEW MEXICO MAGAZINE

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“Having written about New Mexico history for more than forty years,” explains the author, “it was perhaps inevitable that in time I should publish a few articles on Billy the Kid. After all, he is the one figure from this state’s past whose name is known around the world. The Kid’s career, although astonishingly short, nonetheless, left an indelible mark in the annals of the Old West. And his name, William H. Bonney, alias Billy the Kid, seems locked forever into the consciousness of the starry-eyed public.

“Upon request,” the author continues, “I was able to assemble a collection of my varied writings pertaining to some of Billy’s real or imagined deeds. Each section opens a small window on an aspect of his tumultuous life, or casts light upon others whose fortunes intersected with his. In this book, I have stalked Billy in an erratic rather than a systematic way, taking pleasure merely in adding a few new and unusual fragments to his biography. I trust that readers who have a fascination with the history and legend of Billy the Kid will find in these pages something of interest and value. As Eugene Cunningham wrote more than seventy years ago, ‘in our imagination the Kid still lives--the Kid still rides.’”

MARC SIMMONS is a professional author and historian who has published more than forty books on New Mexico and the American Southwest. His popular “Trail Dust” column is syndicated in several regional newspapers. In 1993, King Juan Carlos of Spain admitted him to the knightly Order of Isabel la Católica for his contributions to Spanish colonial history.

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