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Write, Doodle, Scribble! and Meet Yourself Up Close
By Cindy Bellinger

"Cindy Bellinger is a gift to those who've always meant to journal and haven't; and to those who have journaled and stopped. There are lots of goodies here. Dive in." --Mary Sojourner, author of "Bonelight"

Winner: Best Self-Help Book, 2007 New Mexico Book Awards

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Think your life is dull? Think only eccentric, wild ladies qualify as journal keepers? Don't believe it. Use this lively workbook to plunge under the surface of routines and roam inner terrains. "You'll always have an interesting journal if you learn the art of listening to rocks," says the author, who's journaled for 47 years.

Ms. Bellinger encourages women of all ages to use writing, doodling and downright scribbling for getting to know themselves. Her "lean in close" techniques brim with layers of self-discovery. "There's nothing better than finding a piece of your own truth," she says.

This one-of-a kind guidebook views the personal journey from many angles, making every choice, every bend in the road, significant. In an age of fast-paced electronics, Journaling for Women offers a refreshing, handheld thoughtfulness.

CINDY BELLINGER started writing the moment she could hold a pencil, and began keeping a diary when she was ten. A professional journalist for 30 years, Ms. Bellinger holds a BA in Creative Writing from California State University at Long Beach and a MA in Reading Education from the University of New Mexico. Loving diversity, she has taught ballet, waitressed in a truck stop, modeled nude for artists and tamed a wild horse. She lives in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.

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8 1/4 X 11
ISBN: 978-0-86534-497-6
128 pp.,$19.95

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