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Facsimile of Original 1932 Edition
By Mary Austin

The autobiography of the well-known Southwestern U.S. writer.

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Mary Austin published her autobiography in 1932 near the end of her long and creative career. Earth Horizon is both an account of her personal life and of her development as a writer. As always true to her special individualism, she wrote this book sometimes in the first person voice and sometimes in the third person. Using this literary device enabled her to speak frankly about her life while also commenting on the events and decisions that formed and influenced her life and writing. Earth Horizon is not only unique in its approach but brings a special psychological interest to the subject of autobiography.

Mary Austin (nee Hunter) was born in Carlinville, Illinois in 1868 and died in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1934. After graduation from Blackburn College, she moved with her family to California. She later spent time in New York and eventually settled in Santa Fe. A prolific writer, she wrote novels, short stories, essays, plays and poetry. Austin became an early advocate for environmental issues as well as the rights of women and other minority groups. She was particularly interested in the preservation of American Indian culture.

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