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A Novel
By Rebecca Calanni and Matthew Diment

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Emily Stewart, a free-lance artist and author of the study of upper Michigan wolves, is compelled to abandon the life and family she has been a part of since college and return to the soulful wilderness of Michigan's untamed upper peninsula. She discovers more than just a familiar love of the environment with the help of Elsie Brooks, a retired native of Blaney Park. With Elsie's wisdom as her guide, Emily faces not only the ghosts of her past, but the calling of her soul to become the free spirit she has longed for since childhood. She meets her first adversary in Conner Morley, a businessman who's only agenda is to profit from the destruction of not only the land she loves, but the pack of creatures who adopt Emily as one of their own. As they struggle to understand one another, they discover not only a love that may never be realized, but strength within themselves to face unimaginable challenges and true tests of character. Together they must choose between what civilization has defined and nature demands. While seemingly sacrificing all that is important to them, they are on a path to finding gratification within themselves beyond all expectations, as well as a bond to each other only understood by an alpha and its mate.

Rebecca Calanni, a Michigan native, graduated in 1979 and was best known for her musical talents and achievements. She began playing the piano at age three, writing at age five and receiving drum lessons at eleven. Throughout high school, she performed in a variety of bands and in 1979 was both the first female and drummer to receive her schoolís annual Jazzman Award. Currently performing in a classic rock band and a duet torch song act, she lives in Colorado with her family.

Matthew Diment, also a Michigan native graduated in 1978, receiving the Mark Walker Memorial Award and the American Legion Award for Courage. He was struck with Perthis Disease at age four. Against doctorís wishes, he played competitive baseball. Becoming one of Michiganís top high school players, as a senior he was named to the All-State 2nd team. After college, he was named on a computer interface software patent. Matthew is also an avid golfer.

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6 X 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-579-9
336 pp.,$28.95

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