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By Mary Scott Daugherty

For if that which you seek you find not within yourself, you will never find it without.

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Can you imagine wanting your true self? More than anything else? Do you think you have the “right” and the capacity to grow and change? And how would you go about making your life authentic, anyway? Do you have enough time alone to give yourself the attention you want--and need?

Is there a great Absence within you? Can you imagine filling that emptiness with your true and original self--and your life’s purpose? Could you possibly discover them for yourself? And can you believe that finding and knowing your Self is a deeply spiritual experience--possibly the best one you’ll ever have?

Do you feel that you are just performing and are not “real”? Are you so “outgoing” that you can’t seem to find your self inside yourself? Are you giving to others what you need for yourself? And are you overvaluing them (whoever they are) so much that you can’t real-ize your own self or your value? And are you, essentially, alienated from those for whom you put out so much?

What’s so good about depression? Can you believe that everything you need is within you and that what you bring forth in the conversation with yourself is your best self help? And how can aging be about getting smarter and better, not just older and wearier?

If you’re a mother do you feel you have to choose between being idealized or demonized? And if you’re a mother, can you admit that the role isn’t working for you? Can you imagine changing the whole scene and can you believe that you have the right to give up that role and leave it if necessary? For your sake alone?

Essentially, can you believe that you may never get what you seek until you find it within yourself?

And what does Feminism have to do with all of the above?

In the essays in this book Mary Scott Daugherty addresses all of these questions. What she has to say is based on the learnings of her long and interesting and non-traditional life. She's been in the midst of growth and change all of her conscious life and has come out of it with gratitude and satisfaction. She assures the reader that "the effort involved is so worth it."

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6 X 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-598-0
108 pp.,$16.95

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