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To Love and Be Loved
By Natalie Owings

The story of an animal sanctuary in northern New Mexico.

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This book is written in passionate defense of the stray dog. They wander the back roads of the world, hungry and forlorn, seeking, always seeking, love and companionship. Why are they lost? Most likely they have been dumped by the most insensitive and cruel of humans.

Dogs love to love; hence, this book is written about and dedicated to the most loving of creatures: the stray dog who has been rescued. There are hundreds of stories about stray dogs everywhere, and here are some of them. As this book seeks to convey, they will love you as no other creature can or will. Just visit The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary in Glorieta, New Mexico, and ask the dogs.

Natalie Owings, founder and director of The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary, grew up on a ranch in New Mexico. She attended schools in Colorado, New York, and Germany. Following a multitude of positions, New Mexico drew her back permanently. In the 1970s, Owings rescued her first dogs. Even while working full time, she had from 10 to 16 rescued dogs in the house and would rush home from work to take them all out on long walks in the beautiful wilderness areas. Today, her Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary, the result of hard work and dedication, cares for approximately 150 rescued animals at all times. These include dogs, puppies, cats, horses, llamas, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and guinea pigs. There are no cages. Everyone has a home. As Owings puts it, with love and passion, I simply cant walk past a stray dog.

Inside This Book

12 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-708-3
190 pp.,$45.00

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