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A Western Tale of Love and Fate
By Leo Du Lac

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Buck Garett is foreman on his brotherís ranch, and goes regularly to the cantina in Las Collinas for a night with Zulinda. She is the only woman in the Arizona Territory who will share her bed with him, and even that has a priceóa dollar.

Although Buck is really in love with his brotherís wife, whom he has rescued from the Indians, he begins to think he should have a wife of his own. He has the local scribe write a letter answering an ad in a Chicago paper from a nurse who will marry a well-to-do rancher. But Buck, no well-to-do rancher, is half drunk and doesnít remember doing this.

Beautiful and young Suzy Carver accepts the offer and is soon on her way. Thatís when the trouble begins. And then there is the determined Frenchman, not to mention the Apaches robbing wagon trains. Buck has his hands full.

Leo Du Lac wrote his first novel in high school before he had scarcely read a book all the way through. In college he took several writing courses and was determined to become a writer. Then he married the first girl who proposed to him. After two daughters and three sons he had to make a living for them and ďdid his best,Ē he says, in the construction business, following in his fatherís footsteps. But writing was in his blood and he is now the author of Gardening in the Dry Lands, Fireproof Homebuilding, The Haunted Hogan, and numerous articles. Mail Order Bride, based on family history, is his first novel from Sunstone Press.

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6 X 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-718-2
168 pp.,$18.95

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