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A Teacher Remembers
By Linda Muhl

The memoirs of a high school teacher in a small town in Texas.

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In almost everyone’s life, there appears at least one teacher whom he never forgets, a teacher who makes an impression not erased by years of separation. For many students who attended high school in the suburban Texas town of Mesquite, that teacher is Linda Muhl. Ms. Muhl spent fifteen years of her adult life in the business world working at a bank, managing an apartment complex, and running the group health insurance department of a large brokerage firm. It was not until her children were almost grown that she went to college for the first time in pursuit of her childhood dream—that of becoming a teacher.

With a BA in English (with teaching fields of English, history, and gifted education) and a MS in Business and Human Development, Linda Muhl was well prepared to teach her students not only curriculum subject matter but important life lessons. Upon completion of her class, students were ready for college and, more important, ready for life. Due to circumstances demanding more of her attention, retirement came too early for this dedicated teacher; however, she keeps busy taking care of her family, serving her community, and following her many interests.

During twenty-eight years as a public school teacher, Ms. Muhl experienced love from her students, appreciation from their parents, and respect from her teaching peers that have transcended to her retirement years. This book is an in-depth look into the life of an “unforgettable” teacher, and anyone who has had such an educator in his life should enjoy reading about this one.

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