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FORT SELDEN, 1865-1891
The Birth, Life, and Death of a Frontier Fort in New Mexico
By Allan J. Holmes

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Fort Selden was a small frontier fort built in 1865 with the mission of protecting the citizens of the Mesilla Valley in southern New Mexico. This book tells the story of Fort Selden’s beginning, its years of service, and its eventual abandonment. Throughout Fort Selden’s history, its troopers conducted patrols, provided escort for wagon trains, and chased horse thieves, bandits, and Apaches through spring dust storms, drenching rains, winter cold, and other hardships to accomplish their mission. The story of the fort is told through the military reports and messages of the commanders and personal letters of the soldiers.

Allan J. Holmes, a native New Mexican, is a retired infantryman who served 29 years in the United States Army in places such as Korea, Vietnam, Liberia (West Africa), Germany, Panama, and across the United States. It was this experience that piqued his interest in military history. After retiring from the service he taught United States Military History for thirteen years at Gadsden High School in southern New Mexico.

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6 X 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-737-3
156 pp.,$19.95

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