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The Story of New Mexico Governor David Francis Cargo
By David Francis Cargo

"Dave Cargo was a visionary governor. He was one of the first New Mexico governors to see the value of the film and television industry to our state's economy. He continues to be a colorful New Mexican and has a strong place in New Mexico's folklore." —New Mexico Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish

“David Cargo gave New Mexicans a say about those things that affect them. Through his leadership and his collaboration with the "Loyal Opposition" in the New Mexico Legislature, Dave accomplished much for the unrepresented citizenry. The establishment of "one person-one vote" districting resulted in diverse representation of the legislative body. This significant action later permeated County, Municipal and School District levels of government. In addition, State parks and libraries will always provide New Mexicans with fond memories of (not so) Lonesome Dave.” —Roberto Mondragon

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“There is no precise way to explain the energetic life of New Mexico Governor David Cargo—attorney to the downtrodden, as well as the rich and famous; a changer of legislative reapportionment, and at the same time inventing the first Governor’s State Film Commission in the United States.

“He was a dedicated promoter of many films shooting and spending fortunes in our state. Then the true miracle happened: a Republican became beloved by the liberal Democrats of Hollywood. It had never happened before and mostly likely never will again. He became personal friends with those behind the camera as well as the stars facing it, and consequently had acting parts in twelve of those films.

“And now, while writing his priceless historical memoir, he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to build, and/or maintain twelve libraries in such isolated New Mexico villages and towns as Mora, Anton Chico, Villanueva and Corona. This is an unsurpassed heritage to leave for the mental and spiritual growth of the youth of New Mexico. “Viva, Lonesome Dave!”
—Max Evans, author of The Rounders, The Hi-Lo Country, Madam Millie, Bluefeather Fellini and other novels.

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