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A Contemporary Look at Old Architecture
By Victoria Rogers and Cal Haines

“This book should exist for all Santa Fe neighborhoods. It is a visually stunning guidebook for those who love to discover the hidden architectural treasures of Santa Fe and those wishing to stay and dwell here.” —Pat French, co-founder New Mexico Historic Women Marker Initiative and French & French Fine Properties

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This book speaks to lovers of art, Santa Fe, historic architecture, guidebooks, and books as art. The imaginative images are combined with historical documentation, illuminating the diverse period-architecture found in a simple crisscross of seven streets. The historic McKenzie Neighborhood is just a five-minute walk from the downtown Plaza, bordered by the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum on Johnson Street. With its charming buildings, old-fashioned street lamps, bright hollyhocks and leggy branches of wild sunflowers along the sidewalks, and distant sounds of church bells or train horns, it’s genuinely New Mexico, where not hurrying is a way of life. So, pause as you travel through the pages of this book, seeing the past with the eyes of now, and return to its treasures again and again.

Creative collaborators Victoria Rogers and Cal Haines are responsible for the art, much of the writing and the concept for this book. Victoria’s originality and eye for color, composition and refinement combined adeptly with Cal’s technical, improvisational and rhythmic design skills to produce the imagery.

Prior to this time, Victoria Rogers has been best known as an artist for her portfolio of color landscape photography with selections archived in the New Mexico Museum of Art’s historic Jane Reese Williams Collection. Cal Haines is a lifelong jazz drummer whose multidimensional thinking patterns find additional expression through photographic and abstract representations of auditory experiences.

In a short time, the pair has been highly productive in a variety of mediums and garnered recognition in print, on the web and in a documentary film for their works on paper.

Sample Chapter
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8 1/2 x 8 1/2
ISBN: 978-0-86534-813-4
60 pp.,$22.95

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