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Selected Poems
By Bob Johnston

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Bob Johnston is a retired petroleum engineer and translator. His published works include a number of papers in the scientific press and eight books translated from Russian. He waited until his sixtieth year to begin writing serious poetry, and over the next thirty years he has been trying to catch up. His poetry and short stories have been published in twenty-odd literary journals. He lives in the original Las Vegas, New Mexico with a wife and some hope of completing his memoirs and The Great American Novel.

“As a poet, Bob Johnston is unique. After spending a lifetime as a man of science, he now proves to be a man of rich literary gifts. At the Rim offers this collection of wit, insight, and above all, a direct honesty that will be recognized as a rare poetic voice that touches, stirs, and ultimately satisfies. What lover of poetry could ask for more?” —Joyce Ellen Davis, author of Chrysalis, In Willy's House, and Pepek the Assassin

“Bob Johnston is a poet of incredible range, whether narrating the rural lands of ‘dry lightning,’ invoking Rambo in a sonnet, dreaming ‘drowned corpses’ in a lyric, or voicing the dark monologues of deadly sinners. There is poignancy, humor, regret, and acute insight in At the Rim, everything at the heart of the human condition, and it is a pleasure to read a book of poems that allows us the breadth of what it means to be to be alive in this world.” —Valerie Martínez, author of Each and Her, And They Called it Horizon, World to World, and Absence, Luminescent

“Having found itself in a slipping down life, Bob Johnston’s soul force proceeded sure-footed. The course of a man’s life becomes history, and what we find within these pages is one man’s journey, written in poetry, that yields a page turner.” —Stellasue Lee, Editor Emeritus of Rattle, author of Crossing the Double Yellow Line and Firecracker Red

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