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A Novel
By Elspeth Grant Bobbs

A mystery set in the art colony in 1950s Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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The small art colony of La Villa Real in the Sangre de Cristos dozed while the interesting mix of residents go about their business. Only newly transplanted Mary McIntire suspects that there is more under the New Mexican sun than meets the eye. Three of the "old guard" artists at the Art Association have recently died of tragic accidents. Is this changing of the guard a natural progression or is there something more sinister afoot? Mary finds herself in the unnerving position of being the only one taking this seriously and also being close friends with every possible suspect. Is there no one who is what appears on the surface? Mary puts herself in deadly danger to find out.

This mystery set in the early 1950s about the author's adopted town gives the reader a tantalizing glimpse of a more laid-back and calmer time. The characters and the passions that drive them, however, still move about the streets of any artist colony, at any time.

Elspeth Grant Bobbs was born and educated in England. Initially studying law at Oxford University, she finished her degree at Liverpool when war broke out. She moved to Santa Fe in 1943 where she met her husband, Howard Bobbs. During the setting of her novel, the 1950s, she and her husband lived on Canyon Road. There was a studio gallery for him and a small bookshop for her, with three little girls in the back. It was a happy time. She is a “Santa Fe Living Treasure” and is known for her fabulous gardens and philanthropy work.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-812-7
204 pp.,$19.95

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