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Adventures in Mountains, Deserts, Jungles, Rivers, and Ruins
By Norman Brown

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This is a book about dreams and their fulfillment—and the adventures of a lifetime. Norman Brown was for many years the CEO of one of the world’s largest advertising agencies. As such, he traveled all over the world, but saw much of it only from the windows of skyscrapers or planes. He resolved when he retired to see it from the ground, to plunge into the natural, physical world, and to experience firsthand the huge variety of landscapes, peoples, and cultures that comprise the earth.

Here he recounts his adventures on every continent and subcontinent on the planet, from crossing the Sahara, circumnavigating Nepal’s Mount Manaslu, the eighth highest mountain in the world, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Fuji, trekking to the bases of both Mount Everest and K2, to traveling into the wilds of Amazonia, and standing in the spray of Angel Falls in Venezuela. He has explored ancient Roman and Greek ruins, retraced the routes of Marco Polo as well as Genghis Khan through the fabled cities and countries of Central Asia and, closer to home, gazed at the sunrise at Arches National Park in Utah, along with dozens of other encounters in Australia, New Guinea, Africa, and beyond.

To do what he did in the six and seventh decades of his life—often with people half his age, several of whom became dear friends—requires not only courage and stamina, but humor and resilience, and the willingness to tough it out and roll with the punches. In addition to taking pictures, to his surprise, he was moved to write poetry, which helped him discover the essence of each experience. Through his poems and the commentary that opens each section, we come to know a man of great wit, curiosity, and passion, with keen powers of observation.

With maps and nearly 200 color photographs, most by Brown himself, and others by luminaries such as Galen Rowell, as well as over 100 poems composed by Brown, Untamed Places is a uniquely compelling, intimate portrait not only of the world’s wildest and most exotic places, but of an entertaining and inspiring person. It will delight the traveler in all of us.

10 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-817-2
192 pp.,$60.00

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