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Comprehensive Identification Guide
By Alma Hillman, David Goldschmitt and Adam Szynkiewicz

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Stroll through Victorian Europe to the German state Silesia and trace the escape route used by members of the Ohme family as they fled from Russian soldiers in World War II. Visit the tomb of Hermann and his wife Anna in Dresden which had been thought to be lost forever. Discover the endless variety of the beautiful porcelain pieces and the secrets to correctly identifying your Ohme collection.

This book is an in-depth look at identifying and classifying Old Ivory China and Clear Glaze Porcelains. See clear and accurate photos of newly discovered marks, blanks and patterns to satisfy your desire to identify every piece of your cherished collection. For Ohme collectors everywhere.

Alma Hillman has been an antique dealer for over 30 years who has specialized in the porcelain of Hermann Ohme since moving to Maine in 1986. She and her husband Les, ran a successful antiques shop in Searsport, Maine for the next twenty years. Along with David Goldschmitt, she published the groundbreaking book on the elusive topic of Old Ivory China, entitled Old Ivory China: The Mystery Explored through Collector’s Books in 1998. A charter member of the national Society for Old Ivory and Ohme Porcelain, she served as president, vice president and auction chairman. After traveling to Germany and Poland to further research Ohme porcelain she and David began the arduous task of an expanded and updated resource.

David Goldschmitt has been a practicing Emergency Physician for the past 25 years with a specialty in Disaster Medicine and Homeland Security. He has been an avid collector of porcelain for over twenty years with a passion to solve a good mystery. Born and raised in New Jersey, his ties to Maine date back to his childhood. Old Ivory China, imported so heavily in Maine, is the representation of this second home. He is also the author of Medical Disaster Response.

8 1/2 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-86534-910-0
338 pp.,$95.00

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