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A Literary Traversal of the Gila Region of New Mexico
By Phillip W. Brittenham

A review and synthesis of more than a hundred classic and contemporary books on the history of the Gila Region of Southwestern New Mexico and the issues facing it, as well as a fresh look at the Gila Region, past, present, and future.

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The voices of many types of men and women pioneers of the Gila Region of Southwestern New Mexico tell their stories in more than a hundred classic accounts as they were recorded in tales of adventure and challenge in a new land. Included are the soldiers, the cowboys and ranchers, the first forest rangers, and the later writers who created the books that define the Gila Region. Also heard are the Apaches, their adversaries, who led a futile resistance to save their homeland. Voices from our own time describe environmental concerns and the politics of land use. Writers and thinkers who have engaged with their unique surroundings give a deeper understanding and appreciation of the region. Accounts by archaeologists, geologists, and historians enlarge present-day knowledge with fresh insights.

The material seams together to tell the story without losing sight of those who contributed much to the vibrant and enriching back story of the Gila Region of New Mexico. The contributions of those who have loved and those who still love this rugged landscape are richly represented.

Phillip W. Brittenham is a writer, editor, and Gila rock hound. His long-time fascination with how the Gila Region of New Mexico has been portrayed in literature led to more than a casual involvement with the books that define the special quality of this region of New Mexico. He says, “These books, both the old and the new, are passed around and spoken of like family jewels. My hope is that this book will reveal them for the treasures they truly are.”

6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-917-9
300 pp.,$26.95

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