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Bohemians, Bolsheviks and Border Rats
By Harvey Burgess

“Harvey Burgess has dished out a mélange of stories about people who live in Tucson, Arizona. He breathes life into a variety of eccentric characters and through their eyes we see an unexpected picture of the desert city.” —Elena Díaz Bjorkquist, author of Suffer Smoke and Water from the Moon

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In this collection of short stories, Harvey Burgess creates a Technicolor tableau of Tucson, a richly diverse desert city in Southern Arizona where loveable eccentrics, down-on-their-luck drifters, liberal do-gooders, runaway refugees, shadowy “illegals,” ageing Marxists and sex-addicted corporate lawyers, all rub shoulders. Burgess’s deeply flawed, humorous, larger than life characters struggle to keep on the straight and narrow. Often troubled, they seek to face down their demons whilst always striving to leave a recognizable imprint on the world.

Harvey Burgess is a Londoner who relocated to Tucson in 2006. He is the author of a non-fiction book entitled Political Asylum From The Inside, short fiction and non-fiction in the UK and journalism in the USA, his focus being “A Brit’s Eye View Of The States.” He is currently writing a creative non-fiction book on Sierra Leone.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-927-8
170 pp.,$18.95

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