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A Novel
By Dan Rosenberg

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In this tale of Alaska, two young men come to Prince of Wales Island: one, a whaler who in 1849 was shipwrecked on the islandís southern rocky shore, and one who arrived by ferry in the summer of 1975 to search for his place in the grand scheme of things. Their two lives were forever changed by the adventure awaiting them. True, they were from different times but their stories were played on the same incredible stage against a backdrop rich in mystical folklore and native history. And whether by fate or chance, their lives became tied together.

In 1973 on the central Oregon coast, newlywed and fresh out of graduate school, Daniel Rosenberg with his wife Susan began a 24 year career raising pacific salmon. After Oregon they lived in southeast Alaska for twenty seven years. For the first twenty years there, Daniel first worked as a salmon hatchery manager for the Metlakatla Indian Community and then the Alaska Department of Fish and Game until his retirement in 1996. During that time he was also a consultant for the international non-governmental organization VOCA (Volunteer in Overseas Cooperative Assistance) in Russia and Egypt. And for a brief period of time after retiring from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Daniel worked as a production supervisor for the Alaska Aquaculture Foundation.

In 2003 Daniel and Susan moved to a small town in west Texas where at the time of this writing they own and operate a restaurant (The Pony Espresso) and a small vineyard (Aspermont Vineyards). They are quite content with their new life and the subtle beauty of the west Texas landscape.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-932-2
144 pp.,$18.95

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