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A History of The Sacred Heart Church, Nambé, New Mexico
By Carolina M. Romero de Luján and Alfredo Celedón Luján

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Like a sentinel, The Sacred Heart Church—La iglesia del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús—sits at the crossroads atop a hill overlooking the bucolic green valle of Nambé, New Mexico. From the panoramic and hallowed church property, one has clear vistas of the magnificent Sangre de Cristo Mountains. In this most tranquil setting, members of the parish gather every Sunday morning for mass at 8:30. The masses, celebrated by many revered priests and gifted musicians and vocalists over the years, are holy and serene—calm for the soul.

This book, through research and interviews by Carolina Romero de Luján, is a compilation of the church history and is co-authored by her son, Alfredo Celedón. Its purpose is to document, thus preserve, the oral history of the church and cemetery in written form and is designed for the reading and viewing pleasure of the families of Nambé and their succeeding generations, as well as for readers who are interested in northern New Mexico history. This book also serves as a reminder that Nambeseńos, through their collective good spirit and work ethic, built the church over 100 years ago, rebuilt it after it burned down in 1946, and continue to maintain its architectural dignity through constant care to this day.

Carolina Romero de Luján is a life-long resident of Nambé and a meticulous record keeper. She is the daughter of Juanita Sena de Romero and Petronilo, the wife of Ismael Ernesto, and the mother of Alfredo, Ernie, and Jessica Ramona. She raised her family in the valley where she attended Nambé Elementary School and is a graduate of Pojoaque High School. She is retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Alfredo Celedón Luján is hijo of Carolina and Ernesto. He is the husband of Amy and the father of Amanda, Mabel, and Peter. He attended Nambé Elementary School and is a graduate of Pojoaque High School. He is a career educator in northern New Mexico, graduate of New Mexico State University and the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College.

8 1/2 x 8 1/2
ISBN: 978-0-86534-943-8
132 pp.,$18.95

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