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The True Story of an Epic Search to Find a Missing Small Plane Lost for Years
By Bruce Gallaher

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When a small airplane carrying four men vanished in 1968 over the vast skies of Albuquerque, New Mexico a massive official search was launched in the rugged American Rocky Mountains. That official search was called off within two weeks with few leads. That plane and those four men had disappeared off the planet.

This spellbinding saga follows the men’s wives, families, and friends after they realized it was now up to them and them alone to find their loved ones. These amazing women were joined in their search by a cast of characters as diverse as the New Mexico landscape, including a group of Apollo space program engineers, a bar owner, a stunt pilot, a minister, some of the world’s most renowned psychics, and an army of complete strangers. Along the way, they get help from President Lyndon Johnson, a U-2 spy plane, and an American Indian Tribe. The entire search effort ranks as one of the largest in State history, lasting nearly five years.

An incredible, true story of how two young hikers in the remote mountains of New Mexico stumbled on the greatest discovery of not only their lives but the lives of hundreds of others. That discovery would change everything, forever, for everyone involved.

Bruce Gallaher was born and raised in New Mexico. He was a respected hydrologist at national research laboratory where he conducted water resources investigations and contamination studies and was active exploring the outdoors with boots, bikes, and skis.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-947-6
200 pp.,$24.95

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