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A Novel
By Elliott B. Oppenheim

A contemporary novel where Chaim Goldberg escapes a manipulative mother and father to become a doctor.

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In August 1963, Chaim Goldberg’s life spins like a kaleidoscope out of control as he separates from his parents. He meets Nedda, a woman twice his age, but the next day he meets Stella, his classmate, and is infatuated with her. He wants them both, but the one woman he has to conquer is his neurotic mother. In the aftermath of the War and against the backdrop of the evolving American civil rights movement and feminism, he squirms against his manipulative mother and rabbity father and a malevolent East Coast mob boss, to get what he wants: to leave the East for California and become a doctor.

Elliott B. Oppenheim was born in Bronx, New York and was a child of the sixties. He began writing as a journalist for The Levittown Times. His life’s path was shaped by the Vietnam war era and the drug intoxicated sixties. He practiced medicine for almost twenty years, then went to law school, and has a master’s degree in health law but he always felt that his true destiny was to write novels. He has written non-fiction works in medicine and law and lived in many US states and in Canada. He has gulped the world and these life experiences brought him to the world of fiction writing.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-942-1
282 pp.,$24.95

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