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By Wilfrid Swancourt Bronson, Author and Illustrator

A practical and comprehensive account of North American deer and antelopes, including their habits, appearance, and activities.

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This is the story of North American deer and antelopes—whitetails found in all parts of the United States, mule deer in the West, moose in Canada, mountain goats in the Rockies, and others. The habits of the various members of the deer family of this continent and their differences are described in the same lively and engaging style which distinguishes all of the books by Wilfrid Swancourt Bronson.

In his simple, inimitable style, known to many readers through such books as Cats, Starlings, Coyotes, Goats, The Wonder World of Ants, The Grasshopper Book, Turtles, The Chisel-Tooth Tribe, Stooping Hawk and Stranded Whale and Pinto’s Journey, Mr. Bronson provides a humorous and informative text, enhanced by many detailed drawings.

Wilfrid Swancourt Bronson wrote his first book at the age of eight. Called Animal People, it started like this: “This book is for children who are interested in animals and birds. It has verey good pictures in it and children can understand it verey easily.” He later learned to spell, and wrote and illustrated over twenty books for children with “verey good pictures” that they could understand. Young readers everywhere are glad he did.

6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-914-8
146 pp.,$19.95

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