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Women Living Beyond the Violence of Ciudad Juárez
By Emma G. Bailey, PhD

“In the midst of relentlessly 'dark' news about the city of Juarez, this book provides an essential contrast. Here are the women and children of Centro Mujeres Tonantzin. They remind us that Juarez is a human place where women work to build a city within a city—a place transformed by compassion, empowerment, social justice and environmental stewardship; we learn so much from these remarkable women.” --Valerie Martinez, author of And They Called It Horizon, Lines and Circles and Each and Her.

"The simple act of claiming a neighborhood arroyo becomes a sacrament of purification and an instrument of peace in Juarez, the most violent city on earth. Dr. Bailey describes the incredible women of Colonia Plutarco, victims of abuse and violence. She writes of their sense of dignity and strength in building a community." --Bonnie Buckley Maldanado, Professor Emeritus, Western New Mexico University, award winning poet, Poet Laureate, Silver City, New Mexico.

"These magnificent photos capture everything that is beautiful, tragic and just plain wonderful about the women at Centro Mujeres Tonantzin. Edwards beckons us into this other, lesser known Juárez, and the photos capture the joy and dignity of taking control of your life, whether it's growing your own food, caring for your family or nurturing your space." --JJ Wilson, writer-in-residence, Western New Mexico University.

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Violence. Drugs. Murder. Poverty. These words flash across headlines to describe the U.S. Mexico border city of Juarez. Left out of the evening news is the lives of the ordinary people who live in the city—those who live amidst the violence, the drugs, the murder, the poverty. We Are Hope is the story of a small group of women living in Juarez who have intentionally come together to empower themselves so they can not only face their reality, but change it. Told with poignant and emotional photographs, this book invites the reader into the lives of these women. Through the women's words and poetry, we see how despair melts away into action as the women fight for a future filled with dignity and peace. Photographs by Alicia K. Edwards. Translated into Spanish by Sor Aurora Isabel Ramírez.

Emma G. Bailey, PhD, is Professor of Sociology at Western New Mexico University, and is past-president of the Association for Humanist Sociology—a national sociological association that seeks to use sociology for people, as well as the larger needs of the planet. She is also an Associate Editor for the journal Humanity and Society. Emma’s scholarly research focuses on women's lives and how they seek change.

Alicia K. Edwards has been an award-winning professional photographer for over 30 years. Her work has been shown in solo and group shows in Colorado, New Mexico and Minnesota.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-966-7
132 pp.,$18.95

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