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By Ron Hamm

A collection of caricatures and short biographies of prominent men in New Mexico Territorial times.

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Step inside the pages of New Mexico Territorial Era Caricatures and learn about the men who made New Mexico what it is. See their likenesses and read about them. Druggists, farmers, postmasters. Many in these pages were just ordinary men who were concerned about running their businesses, making a living, and providing for their families. If they had time they attended lodge meetings and helped make their community a better place in which to live. But there were others. They made their mark on a larger territorial stage. Governors, senators, land speculators, educators, military men, influential newspaper editors. They were true movers and shakers. What all these men in this book had in common was their love for New Mexico and their desire to make it better. Some of these men you thought you knew. Learn anew. Others you have never heard of. This book will make you wish you had. Discover hidden facets and see their likeness drawn at their height of their renown by a master illustrator, Harry Samuel Palmer.

RON HAMM has written about New Mexico and New Mexicans for more than thirty years. He first wrote about many of the figures who appear in New Mexico Territorial Era Caricatures for New Mexico Magazine. Others appear more recently in his recent book, The Bursums of New Mexico. He never ceases to be grateful for the contributions they have made to the place he has called home for the past fifty years. His regret is that he could not have met them personally.

8 1/2 x 8 1/2
ISBN: 978-0-86534-980-3
188 pp.,$24.95

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