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A Murder Mystery Laced with a Web of Lies and Familial Contempt
By Teresa Pijoan

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In a small town in northern New Mexico a fatherís untimely death leads to mayhem and murder. Families find their lives threatened once the fatherís will is read for unlike his wife, he did not believe in primogeniture. Truth reveals that the father did not believe in his son Granger at all and herein begins the conflict. The fatherís death was to be Grangerís salvation but Granger must now find a way to gain wealth in order to maintain a family male heir. The fatherís doctor and nurse know without a doubt that the fatherís death was not a natural one, but can they get the daughter Sophia to see the obvious as she suffers in her grief?

Soon Granger is shown not to be as clever as he believes himself to be when someone elseósomeone who wants Grangerís money and is equally as dangerousócomes on the scene and Granger soon becomes a victim. Sinister and clever machinations now outweigh truth and honesty. Sophia is not willing to let her home and her loved ones be separated from her without a fight as her relatives threaten to remove her from all she holds dear, including life itself. Can she survive and solve the mystery of her fatherís death? The body count piles up as the story unfolds. What appears obvious may not be easy to prove as the prodigal son falls. Includes Readers Guide.

Teresa Pijoan was born in Espanola, New Mexico, and grew up in Indian communities where she learned the ways and legends of the Native People. Her father was a public health doctor from Barcelona and her mother was a school teacher from New York. Her grandfather was the famous Spanish author, Jose Pijoan. Teresa Pijoan is a lecturer, storyteller, research writer, and teacher and has shared her storytelling throughout Central Europe, Mexico, and the United States. To storyteller Pijoan, myths are ďmagic lensesĒ through which cultures can be viewed, understood, and deeply appreciated. Other books by Teresa Pijoan are Dead Kachina Man, American Indian Creation Myths, Healers on the Mountain, Pueblo Indian Wisdom, Native American Creation Stories of Family and Friendship and Ways of Indian Magic, all from Sunstone Press.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-983-4
334 pp.,$24.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-253-1
334 pp.,$9.99

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