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New Possibilities for Materializing Your Heart’s Desire
By Linda Norwood

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How many books have you read that have made your ears glow with inspiration, yet when the last page of the book is turned there is no clear help for you at the moment? Then this book is your ticket to ride the waves of Holiness. It will help you avoid the rip tide of profane events created by the negative events and circumstances in your life that I call the “Adversary.” Here you will find the clues to recognize and enjoy Universal laws and find your personal rules that support you and make this natural flow an effortless part of your days and nights.

While thinking your hands are on the wheel, is something or someone who loves you not controlling your life? Deception is the Adversary’s primary tool to work against the materialization of your unique Love Pattern. Within these pages are eye-opening revelations that blow the Adversary’s cover.

With light and a map, you can avoid the traps. Here you have help for today—this moment—in colorfully detailed inspiration and information. Be introduced to your heart’s true desire as you become aware of the “Blessings Game” and learn how you can live in a practical way with a Personal Life Protocol—beyond your means—in the Zone of Holiness.

Linda Norwood is out on a limb and climbing for a better view—going to where she can see new ways of understanding old truth. She offers practical revelations for individual and global peace—moving over into publishing from a twenty-eight year practice of law. With two escapades from a breast cancer diagnosis, she searched for and found real answers to the challenges of being an authentic woman in modern America. Vitally healthy now, her answers ring true and flow from daily experience. The spiritual science of cell memory cleansing, simple ways with pictures to use energy flow adjustment for health, the power of voice vibrations in the Holy Zone—and the theology of sex, are some of the issues she explores. She currently lives with family in West Monroe, Louisiana, her base for writing and continuing the never-ending quest for more purity, more holiness and more joy.

6 X 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-414-3
206 pp.,$19.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-262-3
206 pp.,$4.99

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