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A Love Story
By Martin Kraidin

“I may not have been the man I thought, but I was not going to ruin the life of the woman I loved for some pyrrhic victory. To be any sort of man, I had to let go. I couldn’t be bought and yet I paid the ultimate price.” —Martin Kraidin

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When a college all American named Martin Kraidin saw a high school honey named Lynn Konick walk across the campus it was not just love at first sight it a was future so bright, so envied, it was set in the astrological stars. Marty was a promising dental student, both at the top of his class academically and head of his class in popularity as the student body president. Lynn, an attractive but shy high school gal who’d been sheltered by her very successful Main Line Philadelphia parents, blossomed in the wake of Marty’s drive and ambition. Theirs was to be the quintessential love story. But how could it have all gone so wrong? His young wife ripped from his arms and heart, a son he was never to see…plunging both into a two decade odyssey of ill-fated relationships, love turning to hate, an emotional void. Could it have all just been the lust of youth and not a love for the ages? In 1984 a letter arrived for Dr. Kraidin from a young Stephen Levinson. Stephen Levinson was the son Marty had never known and the link to the only love he had ever known. The letter was the key to a second chance—at life, at love. For theirs was a love that was meant to be. Nothing would now keep them apart or so they thought. This is the true story of two people who may have been able to defy the odds…but not the fates.

Martin Kraidin, MD, was both a successful periodontist with practices both in the Northeast and Southern Florida and a pioneer in the field of laser dental surgery. Today, Dr. Kraidin is retired to Southern California where he enjoys a new round of success as a philanthropist, father and grandfather.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-015-6
262 pp.,$24.95

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