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The Truth from the Dark Side of the Bright Lights
By Marc Freden

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Mica Daly is a popular on-camera reporter on the daily entertainment news program Drop Zone and a fixture on the red carpet circuit. But he’s hungry for more—a hot story that he can really sink his teeth into. And there is Chad Martin, little more than a wannabe actor when he and Mica met at one of Roger Keenan’s infamous dinner parties. As their relationship grows, so does Chad’s career. In fact, Chad’s rise to stardom is meteoric. But Joey Chase has ambition too. A paparazzi with a nose for news, he captures a series of provocative pictures of Chad with a mystery man causing rumors to swirl that there is more to the Chad Martin story than meets the media’s scrutinizing eye. Lydia Gray, Mica’s unscrupulous boss, sees an opportunity and assigns Mica to find out just who the man is in Chad’s life. Caught in having to out his own boyfriend to save his career, Mica soon finds that even choosing the high road is bumpy and may just lead down a path Mica is not ready to travel—a road paved with deceit, heartbreak, jeopardy, even death.

MARC FREDEN, with a lifelong career in the television industry—in front of the camera and behind the scenes, on iconic movie sets and numerous red carpets—has rubbed elbows with the Hollywood A-list, partied with the up and comers and has literally seen it all. His extensive experience and eyewitness anecdotes have been the stuff of everything from highly rated and entertaining television reports to cocktail party banter. As a distinguished interviewer, producer, director and author, he’s chatted with everyone from the notoriously media discreet Barbra Streisand to sharing champagne with HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Now Freden is turning his vast repertoire of entertainment industry inside knowledge into a series of indiscreet tales, as told through the exploits of his alter ego Mica Daly, letting you in on the dark side of the bright lights. Through his character of Mica Daly the author tells what he knows but like Mica, knows more than he tells.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-049-1
232 pp.,$19.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-357-6
232 pp.,$3.99

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