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By Cynthia West

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Cynthia West says, “As a poet, I travel a different map, one with sand traps and tunnels that lead to clouds mirrored in mountain pools. Writing with pen and paper is my way of heeding the wordless ones who have much to teach us. When morning light sighs in the leaves, green veins gather water beyond ideas of line and form. My hand is a nameless bird, dropping feathers that point to distances and depths. The lake which disappears at the touch, emerges, reflects. Sometimes the stanzas breach like whales, huge upheavals that leap, swallow the sun, then plunge, full of light, to the depths.” Known for her visionary paintings, Cynthia is also a poet, photographer, digital imager, potter and book artist. Her home with many gardens, in the Santa Fe River Valley, where she has lived with her husband and family for more than forty years, is a healing center as well as her studio and gallery. West is the author of five previous collections of poetry, For Beauty Way, 1000 Stone Buddhas, Rainbringer, The New Sun, and In the Center of the Field, the last three from Sunstone Press.

“Poet-artist, Cynthia West, takes us to “the place where we are all one bird...with no shoes for the journey.” Here are poems from a multiple lifetime of catching lonely stars to polish into this brilliant, unmasked gathering of gifts. Cynthia assures us we are alone, while inhabited by mountains, birds, rabbits and clouds.” (James McGrath, author of Speaking with Magpies and The Sun Is A Wandering Hunter, both from Sunstone Press)

“These poems testify that Cynthia West has been so present in the world surrounding her that her hand itself “is made of the valley, the mountain, the seasons.” Reading her work gives us access to the world outside of our skin. These poems translate West’s experience to the reader, a welcome excursion.” (Joan Logghe, former Poet Laureate of Santa Fe)

“These poems arise out of a powerful, quiet generosity and hold the kind of wisdom that is wrought from living close to the earth as well as the human heart. They occupy a long breath; they are spacious. Within them is the “voice of the wind” and the mountains—a deep listening, inside and out.” (Renee Gregorio, author of The Skins of Possible Lives, The Storm That Tames Us, Water Shed, and Drenched)

6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-069-9
102 pp.,$16.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-383-5
102 pp.,$4.99

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