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Uncovering the Dark Side of the Bright Lights
By Marc Freden

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Mica Daly is fresh from his scandal-ridden ouster from the hit American entertainment series Drop Zone. But the scandal gave Mica international gravitas and he has landed a new deal as the entertainment host on the daily British morning news program Rise ‘N Shine. And he’s an instant hit with the British audiences. Just call him Freddy. Titled and entitled, international party boy Fredrick Charles Arthur Henry, Duke of Clarence, believes he is the rightful heir to the British throne. And for his silence, Freddy has received his position, a royal apartment and a substantial stipend on which to live. That should be enough...but enough is never enough for the loose lipped Fast Freddy. Edward “Ted” Harrelson is a man of mystery. By admission he works in the Ministry of Defense. Or does he? He frequents the Palace on “official business”; is a member of a prestigious, if not clandestine, members only club in Mayfair; and elicits more questions than offers answers. All-in-all, an explosive exposé of the shadowy world of political intrigue, underground maneuverings and the lengths to which a government will go to silence a truth no one is ready or able to accept.

Producer and on-camera personality Marc Freden reveals the “dark side of the bright lights” with an explosive series of novels revealing the unspoken truths of the celebrity world. Not Too Cocksure introduced the recurring character of Mica Daly—an ambitious entertainment journalist who becomes the topic of his own story when his involvement with the meteoric rising star, Chad Martin, goes from the murmurs of gossip to the stuff of Hollywood lore. Now with Heir Line Fracture, Freden goes from taking on Hollywood royalty to tangling with actual royalty through the dark secret of Freddy, Duke of Clarence. Freden draws from his own real-life experience as the entertainment host for the British morning news program GMTV to give truth to his unique perspective of actual characters and culture for this explosive and dynamic story of intrigue and government subculture in the glamorous worlds of royalty and entertainment.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-075-0
234 pp.,$19.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-391-0
234 pp.,$4.99

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