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Artist of the Pueblos
By Nancy Hopkins Reily


Joseph Imhof, a master lithographer and painter, recorded the American Pueblo Indians’ way of life from 1907 to 1955. Unlike other New Mexico artists of that time, Imhof chose not to use his art to interpret the Pueblo Indians. Rather, his works present anthropological information with such authentic detail that the Pueblos recognized him as an authority on their customs and life. They called him the Grand Old Man of the Pueblos. Nancy Hopkins Reily and Lucille Enix in this biography chronicle the life and art of this master lithographer, inventor and self-taught artist who counted among his friends “Buffalo Bill” Cody, Mabel Dodge Luhan, and E. Martin Hennings. Until now, this unique American painter has remained elusive, undiscovered by many, partly because he lived in the shadow of other artists and writers who made themselves more visible during the Golden Age of Taos, New Mexico. Yet Joseph Imhof’s work will undoubtedly leave as much of an impact as any other early American artist. The book includes 45 color images, 62 black and white photographs, as well as a chronology, bibliography, and index.

Nancy H. Reily is the recognized authority on Joseph Imhof through her personal acquaintance with the Imhofs. Mrs. Reily graduated from Southern Methodist University and lives in Lufkin, Texas where she developed a successful career in outdoor color portraiture. She is also the author of Classic Outdoor Color Portraits, A Guide for Photographers; Georgia O’Keeffe, A Private Friendship, Part I, Walking the Sun Prairie Land; Georgia O’Keeffe, A Private Friendship, Part II, Walking the Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch Land; My Wisdom That No One Wants, and Half-Past Winter, all from Sunstone Press. Her first book, I Am At An Age, was published by Best of East Texas Publishers. Reily makes her home in Lufkin, Texas.

Lucille Enix co-authored The Ultrafit Diet and was a features writer for the Chicago Tribune, features editor for The Dallas Morning News, and editor of Dallas and Vision magazines.

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