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Body Image and the Wars We Wage On Ourselves
By Destiny Allison

National Indie Excellent Award Winner for Women’s Issues

“In her latest book, Destiny Allison has deftly parsed that feminist cliché the personal is the political in a fresh new way. The search for the authentic self is new for every generation and Allison's book is a valuable contribution to that quest for today's women.” —Patricia Murphy, PhD, John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Women’s Health Policy Fellow and author of “Making Connections: Women, Work, and Abuse”

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Brave, raw, and unflinchingly honest, this book is a weight loss journey, a love story, a heart beating loudly on the page. Every day we battle against something—injustice, our spouses, our weight. Seldom do we acknowledge the real wars we wage. Repressing feelings and silencing our voices, we suffer under the surface, attributing emotional distress and unwanted pounds to the inescapable effects of hormones or age. But weight gain, anxiety, and marital difficulties aren’t always so easy to explain. In her poignant and touching memoir, Allison doesn’t offer recipes, exercise tips, or advice. Instead, she shows us how to stand up, express what we want, and develop empathy for ourselves and the people we love. In doing so, she provides invaluable insight for those seeking to lose weight, save a marriage, or make a significant life change. Includes a Readers Guide.

Destiny Allison is an award winning artist, author, and businesswoman. When an injury required her to re-envision her life, Allison did what she always does. She applied her explosive creativity and dog-with-a-bone tenacity to new endeavors such as community building efforts and developing an innovative business model that transformed a bankrupt shopping center into a thriving community and commercial center. In 2011 she was named Santa Fe Business Woman of the Year. Her first memoir, Shaping Destiny: A Quest for Meaning in Art and Life won best independent non-fiction/memoir in the 2013 Global Book Awards. Since then, she has published two novels and opened a general store. Allison believes that one’s life is one’s greatest work of art. Unafraid to make mistakes and always passionate, she lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-090-3
110 pp.,$14.95

ISBN: 978-1-61139-430-6
110 pp.,$6.99

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