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Poems Centric and Eccentric
By William N. Gates

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In Anniversary Wings, a poet has found that, though life may start in loss and suffering, it can climb to celebration—which he believes is the point of poetry. This book is written in praise of New Mexico mountains and canyons, of the gala of the spring runoff, of the sounds and smells of Santa Fe nights. Above all it celebrates the love that grew between two who explored those highs and lows together. The reader will discover a phonetic harmony in odd columns of one-word lines, sometimes solemn as a bare tree, or wild and scattered as snow. And will find a poet who believes in form shaped by sound. As musical time and dance time are measured, so too is poetic time. This poet reaches out to all who believe that poetry begins in the music and the dance of words.

Poet and author of Spell, House Born of Mud, Minutes Toward Night, River Riding Writing, and In Words Dive, William Gates grew up in Ohio but always felt the allure of New Mexico. He and his wife Helen live and work in Santa Fe.

6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-63293-132-0
108 pp.,$16.95

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