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An Archery Bibliography
By Howard Bobbs

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One of the earliest and most important inventions of fledgling mankind was that of the bow. The bow and arrow changed manís history because it increased his ability to survive in what was often a hostile environment. Whether for good or evil, the bow and arrow became an integral part of expanding civilization until it was replaced by gunpowder. Today, archery is practiced both as a sport in itself and for hunting purposes. Archery is a skill. It can be taught. But it must be practiced and it requires a good eye and steady hands. Every enthusiast of an art or skill enjoys not only performing that art or skill but also reading about it. The collecting of books on a subject is a natural adjunct to performing and reading. The archer wants to have more than just his personal knowledge. He wants to have at his side the accumulated knowledge and history of all other archers. This small bibliography will help in that endeavor.

Howard Bobbs achieved national prominence as a painter of landscapes and people of New Mexico. Archery as well as the history of archery was a hobby he enjoyed.

5 1/1 x 8 1/2
ISBN: 978-0-913270-27-1
24 pp.,$14.95

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