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Digging for the Truth
By Jay Miller

"Bravo! Excelsior!! By asking all the right questions and putting his conclusions where they counted, Jay Miller gave heart to those who, alone, would have been unable to combat such devious chicanery." (Frederick Nolan, Chalfont St. Giles, England, Author of "The West of Billy the Kid")

"In a series of newspaper columns, Jay Miller has dug deeply into the latest exploitation of Billy the Kid. A book packed with top-notch investigative reporting." (Robert M. Utley, Georgetown, Texas, Author of "Billy the Kid: a Short and Violent Life")

"Miller systematically demolished the baloney behind the campaign for exhumation. For a long time he was as much a lone gunman as Billy the Kid ever was." (David A. Clary, Roswell, New Mexico, Author of "Rocket Man: Robert Goddard and the Birth of the Space Age")

"Anyone interested in learning about New Mexico should first check with Jay Miller. This collection of Jay's columns is the first in a series of books about New Mexico history and current events. It's a must read." (Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico)

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In early 2003, three sheriffs set out to prove that Pat Garrett killed Billy the Kid, thereby also proving that Brushy Bill of Hico, Texas was not the real Kid. Along their way, the sheriffs enlisted New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's support and took two communities on a wild ride through court battles to dig up Billy and his mother.

Governor Richardson found an attorney willing to work free and provide Billy with a voice. Follow "Billy" as he speaks for himself in court, requesting that he and his mother be dug up to examine the DNA in their dusty remains for evidence that they were related. And follow the small towns of Fort Sumner and Silver City, New Mexico as they fight to retain the integrity of their municipal cemeteries and keep the legend of Billy the Kid from crumbling away.

Author Jay Miller followed the strange unfolding of events, digging to find the source of the money that financed an official murder investigation and the court action against two courageous small towns struggling to prevent the exhumations.

JAY MILLER grew up in Billy the Kid Country, listening to yarns about Billy, some true, some not. As a syndicated newspaper columnist, Miller has written often about Billy and the Lincoln County War and has used a collection of those columns to weave a riveting story of just what happened when Billy rode again.

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6 X 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-458-7
132 pp.,$19.95

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